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VIDEO: Robert Griffin III Runs Around And Through The Washington Defense

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We shouldn't be amazed by anything Robert Griffin III does at this point. We've seen Baylor's Heisman-winning quarterback pull off just about every highlight reel play imaginable this season, from incredible throws to jaw-dropping runs. Still, Griffin III managed to top himself, perhaps, in the Alamo Bowl with one of the better runs you'll see.

To be clear, both defenses in the Alamo Bowl were pretty much non-existent. The coverage was bad, the tackling was bad ... everything was real bad. But that doesn't make Griffin III's run any less exciting to watch.

After Griffin was hemmed in by the Huskies' pass rush, he somehow managed to escape, breaking three tackles at once while back-pedaling in the process. With contain broken, he hit the jets, showing off his track speed as he burst into the open-field. Griffin III ended the play by taking a shot while diving into the end zone, but it was all so worth it.

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