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Sugar Bowl 2012: Virginia Tech Down Yet Another Kicker

Following Cody Journell's arrest, Virginia Tech kicker Tyler Weiss will also miss the Sugar Bowl.

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The Virginia Tech Hokies are already without starting kicker Cody Journell, who was released from jail Wednesday on $100,000 bond after being charged in a breaking and entering episode. So of course kicker Tyler Weiss, who was set to handle short field goals for the Sugar Bowl, is now in trouble as well.

Weiss was sent home from Sugar Bowl practices for missing curfew in New Orleans, meaning kickoff specialist Justin Myer, punter Michael Branthover, and freshman Conor Goulding will combine to form some sort of kicking game. Myer attempted two field goals in games this season, missing both. The others have yet to try.

Coach Frank Beamer, a special teams devotee, has to be taking these losses particularly hard. Here he was after practice:

"We had curfew. We talked about it a lot. He didn't make it and we're going to send him home," Beamer told reporters before the team's second day of practice in New Orleans. "That's kind of about it."

"My kickers are not bad guys," he later added. "They just made bad decisions. And young people do that."

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