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ANIMATED: Khaseem Greene's Injury Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

In a relatively forgettable Pinstripe Bowl, it was an injury that emerged as the most notable moment. Khaseem Greene was the victim of an incredibly unfortunate situation as he tried to chase down Iowa State quarterback Steele Jantz. Greene is an immensely talented player and the leader of the Rutgers defense, and this injury seems like it may have some kind of lasting affect.

Greene's right ankle somehow became trapped in the turf as he lunged towards Jantz. He was in an awkward position in the first place, but his right leg appeared to stick, and the torque of his body did very bad things to his lower leg and foot. Simply, his ankle rolled around the wrong way and appeared to snap in the process.

There is a gif after the jump for the curious. It is gruesome, so be warned. Again: WARNING GRUESOME GIF.



Best wishes to Green as he recovers from the injury.