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VIDEO: Mike Gundy Is A Man In His 40s On A Mechanical Bull

You were going to click this no matter what, because who can pass up a video of Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy riding a mechanical bull? And would you expect this 40-year-old-plus man is a deft bull rider? Of course you would, because it's Mike Gundy.

I'm sure this was part of some pre-bowl outing, but it could just as easily be a typical Friday night for Gundy. Judging by the video, he's been down this road before. I'm not saying he had a mechanical bull installed in his basement with some of that head coaching money, but ... well, he looks like he's conquered his share of mechanical bulls.

Via Brett Reavis

Look at that form! It should be noted that the nervous giggling in the background is broken up by what sounds like a kid with a country accent screaming "Oh that sucks for you man [garbled]." This was the best team outing ever.