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VIDEO: Landry Jones Gets Absolutely Wrecked

Helmet-to-helmet hits are bad enough, but when it's helmet-to-helmet-to-turf, it's even worse. Landry Jones took one such hit late in the first half of the Insight Bowl as his head whipped back and into the ground violently while he tried to slide and get down to no avail. The hit was flagged -- like five times -- but Jones had to come out of the game for obvious reasons.

I wasn't kidding when I said it was flagged some five times. Look at all the flags come flying in from every direction and what seemed like every official.

Via ParadigmShift35

Jones is back in, which seems completely logical considering the circumstances. Iowa played ping-pong with his head on the play shown above, and after taking a little break on the sidelines, Jones is good to go!

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