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2011 Insight Bowl Score Update: Iowa Seems To Be Tebowing

Terrible for three quarters, suddenly alive in the fourth. This story seems familiar, like we've seen it in the NFL this season. For 45-plus minutes, the Iowa offense bordered on inept, struggling to move the ball with any kind of consistency as Oklahoma took a 21-0 lead. But the fourth quarter has been a different story.

After a 16-play, 75-yard drive that chewed up eight minutes of clock and resulted in a touchdown, Iowa made a stop and got right back to work, covering 78 yards in 12 plays, only taking about three and a half minutes of clock, and scoring a second touchdown on a James Vandenberg pass to wee little Jordan Canzeri. Suddenly, the lead Oklahoma built over the first three quarters isn't looking so solid.

In other words, Iowa is Tebowing. The Hawkeyes defense has been outstanding, and suddenly the offense is clicking.

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