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ANIMATED: ESPN SkyCam Attacks Marvin McNutt

I assumed the Insight Bowl would end with a whimper. Oklahoma had just kicked a field goal to take a 10-point lead with just over two minutes to go, and it seemed like the game was all wrapped up and ready to be put to bed. But ESPN's SkyCam -- that giant camera attached to four wires above the field -- had other ideas, and we're all better for it.

For whatever reason, the SkyCam came crashing back to Earth. Call it gravity, call it a technical failure, call it a Buffalo Wild Wings incident: Whatever the reason, that camera's life-span was over. And it didn't just go quietly, either: The camera took aim at one of Iowa's best players.

After the jump, a gif of Marvin McNutt's fight with the falling SkyCam.



Then, as the SkyCam handlers tried to maneuver it safely out of the way, the camera attacked the Iowa sideline. The only logical conclusion here: The SkyCam hates America. #TeamLoveItOrLeaveIt