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BCS Rankings Show, Bowl Game Selection TV Schedule, Plus Rankings Release Times

Over the course of Sunday, bits and pieces of this week's final BCS standings will come out. Based on previous weeks, we have a pretty good guess of when this stuff will fall in line. The first three happen when they happen and can't really be nailed to a particular time, but the last two are scheduled to broadcast on ESPN.

All times ET, and we'll have complete coverage of each of these right here as soon as they're made available.

Associated Press poll, approx. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.: Not a BCS selector, but it will be our first glimpse into what at least some college football-ranking humans are thinking.

USA Today Coaches poll, approx. noon to 2 p.m.: The day's first selector to be revealed. Here was last week's Coaches poll.

Harris Interactive poll, ???: Another selector. The Harris and the Coaches combine for two-thirds of official BCS standings. Last year, it wasn't released until after the BCS show, as its unveiling would've killed the suspense. I guess.

BCS standings, 8:15 p.m., ESPN: A rundown of the top 25, with the final three likely being revealed just before 9. Of course, it might already be evident, depending on how the humans vote.

Bowl game selection show, 9 p.m., ESPN: Drama for the rest of us, as any unannounced bowl game pairings will be made official. Bowl game coverage here.

Stay tuned to SB Nation's college football rankings coverage, and visit our many fine college football blogs.