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BCS Standings, Week 15: Computer Rankings Could Split On Oklahoma State, Alabama

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While the full, official set of 2011 BCS standings won't be available until Sunday night, we can still start to get a look at what the computers are thinking. Each of the systems publishes their rankings on their own, but all on their own time, and so far, it's looking like the Oklahoma St. Cowboys are indeed going to have to hope their win over the Oklahoma Sooners wowed the humans, because about half of of the machines aren't buying it.

Jeff Sagarin's ELO_Chess ratings, the one of his various systems that the BCS uses, has the Alabama Crimson Tide still in line to play the LSU Tigers, along with a doting check-in by the three-loss Sooners: 



Oklahoma State



Peter Wolfe also reportedly slots Bama ahead of OK State, and it's nice of the Arkansas Razorbacks to keep an eye on the all-SEC party, but who invited them?



Oklahoma State


Kansas State

Jeff Andersen and Chris Hester haven't published as of yet, but last week they had the Pokes ahead of the Tide, and that was before one of OSU's better wins of the season during a Bama bye week.

Last week's Billingsley Report rankings had the Cowboys just a hair behind Alabama, but that seems likely to change.

The Colley Matrix also hasn't been updated yet, but Oklahoma State has a very good chance to take it as well.

And the one of which Alabama fans will approve, the Massey Ratings, had OSU No. 4 behind the Oregon Ducks last week. That will change, but probably not enough for the Tide to be overtaken.

Stay tuned here for more college football rankings news throughout the day.