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Oklahoma State Vs. LSU? Mike Gundy Lobbies, SEC Players React

After the Oklahoma St. Cowboys astounded the Oklahoma Sooners to conclude their case for the BCS No. 2 spot, coach Mike Gundy shifted into politician mode. Here's curiously unembeddable video of his postgame punditry, and here's a quick transcript:

People have to decide whether they want to see a 9-6 game or a 39-36 game. This is the opportunity for people to find out how good the defense is in the SEC. We'd love to have that challenge. I think our defense is better than what people say. Last week, I said Alabama should be there. There's no question Oklahoma State should be No. 2 right now. No question.

LSU and Alabama players, you'll be shocked to learn, didn't quite agree with Gundy. Here's Russell Shepard:

Russell Shepard@LSUShep10 Bra we would #smash OKST......they coach better calm down.    

And here's Brad Smelley:

Brad Smelley@bradsmelley I have no time for Mike Gundy. Dude just claimed Ok state would score 35 points on LSU..pass me what your drankin coach    

Brad Smelley@bradsmelley Every1 can argue up and down about this, but if we lost to a 6-6 Vandy team this yr, we would be out of the NC game picture #truth

Trent Richardson, a reflective gent:

Trent Richardson@TRENTRlCHARDSON Oklahoma St is doing their thing out there #Respect Either way it go, we had a great season #NoRegrets

Then again, at least one former Bama national champ is just a little bit worried:

Mark Ingram @Mark_Ingram28 Dang I didn't know OK state was whoopin them boys like that... Uh oh    

Widely unpopular things are going to happen Sunday, and any outcome besides LSU losing in New Orleans will be held aloft forever as proof of injustice. Which, of course, it will be.