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College Football Rankings, Week 15 AP Poll: Oklahoma State Gains On Alabama

Despite not playing, the Alabama Crimson Tide retained the top spot in the Week 15 AP Poll, but it wasn't by much. The Oklahoma State Cowboys gained a lot of ground and votes after dominating the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday but it still might be enough.

Alabama is No. 2 with 1,418 points and 38 second-place votes while OSU is No. 3 with 1,400 votes and 22 second-place votes. The LSU Tigers remain the unanimous No. 1 team in the nation after winning the SEC Championship with ease.

The Pac-12 owns the next three spots with Stanford, USC and Oregon while Arkansas, Boise, Wisconsin and South Carolina round out the top ten.

Here's the full AP Poll top 25 for Week 13:


2 Alabama

3 Oklahoma State

4 Stanford


6 Oregon

7 Arkansas

8 Boise State

9 Wisconsin

10 South Carolina

11 Kansas State

12 Michigan State

13 Michigan

14 Clemson

15 Baylor

16 TCU

17 Virginia Tech

18 Georgia

19 Oklahoma

20 Houston

21 Nebraska

22 So. Miss

23 West Virginia

24 Penn State

25 Florida State