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Harris Poll Week 15: Standings Being Withheld Until After BCS Rankings Revealed

For those wondering where the final all-important Harris Poll results of the regular season are, the rankings are reportedly being withheld until after the final BCS Standings are revealed Sunday night. The Harris Poll makes up one half of the human element of the BCS Standings. The delayed release of the poll only increases the nailbiting tension that Alabama and Oklahoma State fans must be feeling at this moment.

No specific reason has been given for the delay, though it certainly won't hurt ratings for the final reveal of the BCS bowl pairings on ESPN on Sunday night. The Crimson Tide were all but assured a rematch with the LSU Tigers in the national championship game heading into this past weekend. A 44-10 win by the Cowboys win over the Oklahoma Sooners threw a major wrench in Bama's plans to go to New Orleans, however.

If this week's AP and Coaches' polls are any indication, the Crimson Tide should retain their No. 2 spot in the Harris Poll. We won't know for sure until Sunday night, however.

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