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Harris Poll Results 2011: Final BCS Component Revealed

The last BCS selector is out: the Harris Interactive Poll's full list of ballots has been revealed. All attention will now turn to which enthroned overseers picked the Alabama Crimson Tide ahead of the Oklahoma St. Cowboys, though there are quite literally dozens of other inconsistencies and curiosities throughout.

Your curious ballot champions are Scott Johnson, Derrick Mayes, Craig Morton, Jeff Van Note, and George Wine. Johnson, Morton, and Van Note had the Cowboys fifth, while Mayes and Wine each put OK State at No. 6.

Wine, a former Iowa SID, had Houston ranked ahead of the Cowboys. Houston's best win was over Tulsa. OSU had four or more superior wins. This vote helped decide college football's championship game. TULSA. Nothing is real.

Ranking OK State No. 3 or 4: Denny Aldridge, Bob Anderson, Sammy Batten, Dick Bestwick, Joe Biddle, Tommy Bowden, Dave Braine, Gil Brandt, Rich Brooks, Brentson Buckner, Chris Carlin, Lloyd Carr, Charlie Cavagnaro, Drew Champlin, Gene Corrigan, Joe Crowley, Dick Crum, Fran Curci, Herb Deromedi, Mark Dienhart, John Dorsey, Bob Dunlevy, Jack Ebling, Rondo Fehlberg, Robert Gagliardi, Mike Griffith, Bob Grim, Lee Grosscup, Tommy Hicks, David Horning, David Housel, Steve Irvine, J.J. Joe, Don Kassing, Laing Kennedy, Mike Kern, Roy Kramer (SHOCKING), Bobby Leach, James Lessig, Mike Lude, Tom Luicci, Cindy Luis, John Mallory, Bob Marcum, Loren Matthews, Lance McIlhenny, Bill McLellan, Pete Medhurst, Tim Millis, Eric Mizell, Joe Novak, David Paschall, Harvey Schiller, Terry Schmidt, Jackie Sherrill, Corky Simpson, Fred Stabley, Patrick Stevens, Don Strock, Budd Thalman, Charlie Trotman, Roger Valdiserri, Tommy Vardell, John Walters, Jack White, Dwayne Woodruff, and Hugh Yoshida.

Ranking Alabama No. 3 or 4: Erick Bailey, James Bates, Blaine Bishop, Chip Brown, Grant Burget, Pete Cavender, Tony Collins, Pete Dawkins, Chuck Ealey, Tommie Frazier, Gus Frerotte, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, Jacob Green, Todd Husak, Tony Jones, Blair Kerkhoff, Nate Kreckman, Sonny Lubick, Mike McGee, Gerald Myers, Jim Oakes, Denny O'Brien, Allen Pinkett, Steve Preece, Kenny Roda, Gary Sanders, George Schroeder, Joe Smigiel, Ron Thulin, John Toner, Max Urick, Jim Vruggink, Jim Walden, Jay Walker, and Stan Weber.

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