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VIDEO: Wofford's Stephon Shelton Messed Up Big Time

Stephon Shelton tried to do the right thing. The Wofford cornerback didn't force the return when he fielded a kickoff in his own end zone against Northern Iowa in the second round of the FCS playoffs on Saturday. He held on to the ball, but then he just -- well, he forgot to kneel. ... Oops. Touchdown Northern Iowa.

Shelton's Terriers went on to lose 28-21. Do the math.

Video is after the jump if you're the kind of person who takes joy in the misfortune of others.

Here's the video:

Man, this is bad. First, it happens. Then the ref has to explain to the entire stadium *exactly* what happened. Then the announcer says "Wow! We might not see that again in another hundred years." Ouch.

The worst part: Wofford lost by a touchdown. The Terriers out-gained the No. 4 Panthers by double the yards and had two players run for more than 100 yards. All for nothing, as Wofford was sent home.