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Big East Expansion: Boise State Among Five Teams Reportedly Joining Conference

Forget BYU, the wheels of Big East Expansion are turning with Boise State expected to lead a major conference realignment in 2013, according to a report from's Brett McMurphy. On Wednesday, the Big East will add the Broncos along with Houston, San Diego State, Central Florida and Southern Methodist University.

As McMurphy has previously reported, Boise St. was reluctant to join the Big East without a west coast partner. It looks like the Aztecs will step up to fill that role. As SB Nation's college football editor Jason Kirk pointed out, this "in a way, would complete the insane redistricting of a conference with the word 'East' in its title perfectly."

Of course, this is all about money. The Big East is a basketball conference but the ability to split the conference in half and host a football championship game would bring in dollars that could help prevent a Big East diaspora if and when the college football landscape goes into full-on nuclear super-conference mode.

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