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Missouri, North Carolina, 2011 Independence Bowl: Tigers L’Damian Washington Gets A Homecoming

The Missouri Tigers are set to take on the North Carolina Tarheels in the 2011 Independence Bowl after there being a little bit of uncertainty in which bowl game they would go to. It turns out they'll be going back to the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, LA. Tigers sophomore wide receiver L'Damian Washington will get to play in his hometown for the bowl game. "He's a one-man army," senior nose guard Dominqiue Hamilton said. "He (Washington) just comes at you, keeps firing. Awww! I'm from Shreveport! He's the king of it. He runs it. That's all he's going to say."

The Tar Heels on the other hand come in after firing their head coach and potentially could enter the game with a new head coach.

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