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Jerry Sandusky Arrested, Posts $250,000 Bail

Following his arrest on Wednesday, Judge Robert E. Scott ordered that Jerry Sandusky would have to post $250,000 bail and wear an electronic monitoring device if he didn't want to spend time in jail before facing sexual abuse charges. On Thursday morning, ESPN's Ashoka Moore reported that Sandusky has posted bail, according to court documents. He posted that bail using $200,000 in real estate holdings and a check for $50,000. Sandusky will now leave jail for his home and will wear an electronic monitoring device to ensure that he doesn't go places he isn't supposed to go.

One of those places he isn't supposed to go is the campus of Penn State University, which he is no longer allowed to visit. Incredibly, Sandusky was arrested while wearing PSU attire. Prosecutors had asked the judge to set Sandusky's bail at $1 million, but that request was denied.

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