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Fred Thompson Dead: Oregon State, Oakland Tech In Mourning

Freshman Oregon St. Beavers defensive tackle Fred Thompson died Wednesday night, suffering a heart attack during a basketball game. Oregon State athletics has already set up a memorial fund in his name, while his high school, Oakland Tech in California, is taking the news hard.

"He was a good kid," his high school coach, Delton Edwards, said. "He made you just smile."

Oakland Tech athletic director James Coplan:

"Everybody, from the Principal on down, is shocked by the news that Fred passed away. He was an extremely popular student here, as well as an athlete,'' said Coplan.

"Even after he graduated, he worked out with the football team at times. ... obviously, for someone so young (to pass) this comes as a complete shock.''    

OSU coach Mike Riley was on a recruiting trip away from campus when the news struck.

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