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Broyles Award 2011 Winner: John Chavis, Les Miles' Good Luck Charm

LSU Tigers defensive coordinator John Chavis has been named the 2011 Broyles Award winner, proclaiming him the nation's top assistant. He has a chance to become the third straight winner of the award to win the national title, following Kirby Smart and Gus Malzahn in 2009 and 2010 respectively. And you know how omens tend to turn out for Les Miles.

LSU finished the regular season ranked No. 2 in scoring defense, No. 2 in total defense, No. 3 in rushing defense, No. 8 in passing defense, No. 11 in sacks, and No. 5 in interceptions. They finished behind Bama in all of the first four categories, but played a significantly tougher schedule that included Oregon, Georgia, and West Virginia.

Chavis, to media after the event:

It's a great honor. It's the highest in our profession as an assistant coach. And, to me, it represents the full body of work. It's what our football team has done, what our defensive staff, our entire staff, what our head coach has done. It represents the entire body and I'm proud of those young men that I have an opportunity to work with each day ... I understand my responsibility to them and certainly hope I'm upholding that part of it as well.    

The other nominees: Arkansas Razorbacks offensive coordinator Garrick McGee, who's since taken over the UAB Blazers, Wisconsin Badgers offensive coordinator Paul Chryst, who's been connected to the Illinois Fighting Illini and Kansas Jayhawks jobs, Michigan Wolverines offensive coordinator Greg Mattison, and Alabama Crimson Tide linebackers coach Sal Sunseri.

SB Nation's 2011 college football awards stream will have the winners of each college football award, because it's a college football awards stream.