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'Remember The Reasons' Charlie Weis Went To Florida Now That He's Leaving

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When Charlie Weis made a lateral move last year as the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator to become the Florida Gators' OC, he did so to be closer to his son, who was enrolling at UF.

It sounded like the perfect scenario:

"This opportunity is one of those unique situations where I can go to a great institution ... and be able to spend the next bunch of years watching my son grow."

And shame on you for even questioning whether or not Weis would be back at Florida next season.

"I’m going to coach for a long time," Weis said on Nov. 22, when he was asked whether he would be back at Florida next season. "I’m not… my wife says I can’t quit. That’s not even… remember I have a kid who is a freshman in college here. Remember the reasons why I came here. So, I’ll be here for a while, unless you’re trying to get rid of me. No, he didn’t get free tuition if you were wondering."

Indeed. Remember the reasons Weis went to Florida now that he's leaving eleven months later to return to the same geographic area he left because he wanted to be close to his son. Remember!