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Mark Richt Declines Texas A&M Offer; Kevin Sumlin Likely College Station Bound

Well, this was a fun coaching search detour. At one point, all signs were pointing towards the Texas A&M Aggies hiring Houston head coach Kevin Sumlin. And then, out of nowhere, a rumor popped up indicating the Aggies were targeting Mark Richt. If you thought the Richt rumors seemed less than plausible, you were correct.

The whole thing has come full circle now: Richt reportedly shot down A&M and Sumlin is back in the mix, according to Brett Zwerneman.

A high-ranking A&M insider told me Richt has declined Ags' offer and Kevin Sumlin is likely choice, anncmnt as soon as Sat. #mysa

And much like every other coaching search, all parties involved are heading home with a prize. Richt, for having his name floated, will probably end up with a raise. Sumlin may end up getting the A&M job and a likely raise with after all, though this is a bit of an awkward situation considering he now knows the Aggies were flirting with Richt. Houston ... well, almost everyone wins.

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