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Randy Shannon, Maryland Reportedly Nearing Agreement On Defensive Coordinator Position

On Thursday, Randy Shannon was reportedly offered the vacant defensive coordinator job at Maryland. New head coach Randy Edsall has been scrambling to fill the job after Don Brown quickly bolted for UConn, Edsall's former school. Now, it appears Shannon and Maryland are on the verge of closing the deal, making the move official.

The news was reported by the Washington Post late Thursday night.

Shannon, who interviewed for the position with Maryland coach Randy Edsall earlier this week, would replace Don Brown, who abruptly ended his two-year stint as the team's defensive coordinator last week to take the same job at Connecticut. Should a deal with Shannon be finalized, Edsall's staff would be complete.

Shannon's been on the market since Nov. 27, when he was relieved of his head coaching duties at Miami. While he didn't cut it as the head coach of the Hurricanes, the defense is his specialty, and Maryland would be the perfect opportunity for him to get back on his feet. Considering the options left in the defensive coordinator hopper, Shannon would fall under the "best available" pool of candidates for Edsall.

For more on Edsall's search for a defensive coordinator and Randy Shannon's candidacy, stay tuned to our StoryStream.