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VIDEO: Justin Bieber's Ringtone Is Mike Gundy's 'I'm A Man' Rant

Justin Bieber may have just made T. Boone Pickens the world's second-richest Oklahoma St. Cowboys fan. While giving some interview on who knows what to what's his face, Bieber's phone rang out to the tune of OSU head coach Mike Gundy's famous "Come after me! I'm a man! I'm 40!" rant.

He then claimed that's not just his ringtone for Jaden Smith, the purely coincidental caller, but that he uses that tone for everything. No, I'm not making this up because it's a slow sports news day:

Most astonishing part: the end, where the 16-year-old actually quotes Gundy's speech about modern manhood and fatherhood and life and football, even nailing the parts that didn't just play via his phone. This means Bieber actually knows Mike Gundy's rant by heart. Jaw in basement.

While his Oklahoma accent needs work, this merits a severe reevaluation of Bieber. OK, maybe not. But if we can get video of him reenacting Ed Reed's "I'm hurt, dawg!" speech ...

Via Reddit