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Jadeveon Clowney Picked South Carolina Over Clemson, Alabama Because Of Coaching And Coeds

Now that Jadeveon Clowney has officially signed with the South Carolina Gamecocks, Fox Sports’ Thayer Evans has published an excellent profile of the final weeks of the Rock Hill star’s recruitment.

In it we learn that Clowney would’ve committed to the Alabama Crimson Tide if he wouldn’t have had to play out of position, Clemson Tigers coach Dabo Swinney is a startingly sweet man, and Nick Saban talks a lot. Saban is also short, "like five-foot-five" according to our subject, but that's not news. Clowney says he didn’t make up his mind until a week ago, telling his mother it was Carolina over Clemson.

Clowney has listed friends and family as his primary reasons for picking Carolina over Alabama, though in this story he also specifically mentions the female population from each school in separate anecdotes. Clowney describes South Carolina’s female students as being “all on you,” while he insists he didn’t have anything to do with Clemson’s ladies.

Don’t know about you, but that pretty much explains the whole thing to me.

Though his listing of Bama’s party life as his favorite could explain why his mother felt so uneasy about sending him across state lines.

Speaking of Joseanna Clowney, it’s safe to say we know have the answers to any lingering mysteries about how Swinney landed such an excellent 2011 class. From reminding a group about her birthday to making a point of establishing eye contact, Swinney seems to get the importance of winning over family better than Saban or Steve Spurrer do, in this story at least.

That and he told Jadeveon Clowney that he loves him.