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Spring Football Is Sprung (And Totally Counts As Football)

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With Duke and Army kicking off practice today, spring football is afoot. It's spring practice, and it's Duke and Army, but the ten days we've gone without football of any sort between the Super Bowl and now was about twelve days too many.  Our friends at Kegs 'n Eggs have a complete list of all Big Six spring practice and spring game dates. Crucial list items include:

The early bloomers. Army leads the pack by staging their spring game on March 9; Duke and Texas Tech both throw their preseason soirees on March 26.

The stragglers. Maryland, Rutgers, Michigan State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oregon, Oregon State, and Washington bring up the rear with spring games scheduled for April 30.

The contenders.
College football oracle Phil Steele was first out of the gate with his 2011 preseason top ten; those spring game dates are as follows:

1. Oklahoma - April 16
2. Alabama - April 16
3. Oregon - April 30
4. LSU - April 9
5. Stanford - April 9
6. Texas A&M - April 16
7. Boise State - April 16
8. Florida State - April 16
9. Oklahoma State - April 16
10. South Carolina - April 9