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Top College Football Recruiters: They're Just Like Us!

Is college football recruiting a literal, actual crapshoot? Talent will out on the field eventually, of course, and an obvious blue-chip prospect will receive attention from pedigreed programs, but what about the guys on the margins? How do eventual three-star prospects get noticed by top college football coaches in the first place?

Via the same sources we do, of course: Our friends at Rivals! SB Nation's Cal bloggers attended the Golden Bears' yearly recruiting event, which featured a Q&A with linebackers coach Kenwick Thompson, who had this to say about the recruiting process:

It's an 18 month to two year process in trying to recruit one football player. First we look at the Rivals/Scout/(some private collegiate recruiting service I cannot recall) data to try and obtain a dossier of the athletes we want based on our needs for this class.

And this is at a school for smart people. Can you imagine what goes on in our neck of the woods, down here in Georgia? Do you have any idea how easy it is to plant a credible rumor at these sites? Good-humored Cal fans, you have your marching orders: For next year, do everything in your considerable message-board power to get an actual live bear rated three stars or higher by a major scouting service. Make the internet proud.