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Mark Cuban's Radical College Football Playoff Plan Is Called Radical Football

So Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has decided he's going to fix college football by privatizing its postseason. We've learned by now that Cuban isn't one of those crazy, flighty rich guys -- he's one of those crazy, obsessed rich guys. So the fact that he's founded a company in an effort to kill the BCS isn't a surprise.

It's just that the name of the company is so awesome. Radical Football, LLC. It doesn't just sound like a video game; it sounds like a video game sequel that tried to use roman numerals to signify which edition it was and got itself confused.

 Previously Cuban announced he had the support of a number of college athletic directors, but that a truly baffling patent issue was holding up the process. Radical Football chooses to subvert this issue by inventing an entirely new sport called fotball, which it will license to schools for royalties. It differs from football by featuring a fifth down that occurs only in bowl games, which will no longer exist.

Yes, the name of the new sport is fotball -- the company's name is just a radical misspelling of fotball, like using Cubez instead of Cuban.