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Tony Steward Commits To Clemson Over Florida State Giving Tigers Top Linebacker

Tony Steward continues a trend of out-of-state ventures for top 100 commits this morning by committing to Clemson University. Luginbill’s on television saying Steward liked Clemson’s small-town atmosphere, but it’s worth nothing that he’s also committing to a defense run by the Tigers’ defensive coordinator Kevin Steele. Steele is a linebackers guru, and was likely a serious edge in the recruitment of the nation’s number one outside linebacker prospect.

(He’s also a former Florida State assistant, though whether he gave any inside intelligence on the darker side of Tallahassee living is in the course of Steward’s recruitment is unknown. No one in college ever recruits negatively. Nope. Never.)

Steward continues a recent streak of five-star coups by Clemson on signing day. His commitment will likely bump Dabo Swinney’s class up from Rivals’ current number ten ranking, thus proving that as inconsistent as the Tigers can be on the football field, they maintain a tradition of being a heavy hitter in the world of recruiting.

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