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Brent Calloway Flips Commitment To Alabama On National Signing Day

First, Brent Calloway was committed to Alabama. Then he switched his commitment to the Crimson Tide's in-state rival, Auburn. Now, on National Signing Day, Calloway has flipped back to Alabama.

Our Alabama blog, Roll 'Bama Roll, thinks this is all quite funny:

And Brent Calloway ends up in Tuscaloosa, spurning Auburn when it counted. Cue the hilarious feedback from the Auburn Fambly complaining about the undue influence of his parents (amusing, I know). Either way, while it's nice to have Calloway's talent on hand, the kid is going to have to get it together mentally and commit to playing the game before he's going to make any real contributions on the field. The raw talent is obviously there, but admittedly he's a bit of a risk.

Auburn fans might not be so happy. Calloway's recruitment was contentious, with plenty of verbal darts being thrown back and forth, and it wouldn't be surprising if the full story of his commitment becomes one of the more memorable ones of this season.

For more on Calloway and the rest of Alabama's recruiting, join the discussion at Roll 'Bama Roll. Our National Signing Day schedule has the full slate of high-profile announcements.