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Gabe Wright Commits To Auburn Over Alabama, Tennessee

6’3, 275 pound defensive tackle prospect and number three defensive tackle Gabe Wright has announced his commitment to the Auburn University. He did so after his high school teammate Isaiah Crowell unveiled his commitment to Georgia with a live bulldog puppy. His was nowhere near as cute, though it was personalized and premeditated.


That is most certainly not a reference to Nick Saban, and instead refers to Nick Fairley. Yes, most definitely NOT a reference to Nick Saban.

In summary, Wright is yet another massive and massively quick defensive tackle from the Deep South. Wright already benches 400 pounds and has a huge upper body ideal for fighting off larger offensive linemen in the trenches. He’ll have to work on his lower body development a bit and therefore certainly has ample room to grow in that department. His conditioning is also a category he could improve in, but he is a defensive tackle so we’ll grade him on the curve of "fat but quick dudes who hate treadmills."

More importantly though, Wright is fast and has great one-on-one skills, something sorely lacking in many defensive tackles of his size and strength.

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