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Texas A&M Signee Floyd Raven's Mother Forged His Ole Miss Letter Of Intent

In an abrupt departure from the usual oooh-he-switched-hats drama we're usually treated to on National Signing Day, there's a very different sort of circus brewing down in Louisiana, where Floyd Raven, a four-star cornerback from Reserve's East St. John High School, had his letter of intent forged by his mother, who reportedly wanted him to attend Ole Miss:

Putting a crimp in her plans was the fact that her son was set on attending Texas A&M, where he faxed his real LOI today. Raven had gone back and forth between the two programs, and even had a brief dalliance with Michigan, but has received Houston Nutt's blessing to head to the Aggies.

For more on the Raven rigamarole, visit SB Nation's Red Cup Rebellion, where they're understandably flummoxed, and I Am The 12th Man, who should be popping corks right about now, and keep up with all the announcement drama on our 2011 National Signing Day schedule page.