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Floyd Raven On Texas A&M's Official Signing Day List After Ole Miss Dispute

One of the most bizarre storylines of this National Signing Day appears to be winding its way to a close, with Floyd Raven's name officially being added to Texas A&M's list of signees. You might recall that Raven earned even more attention than usual for a four-star cornerback after his mother forged his letter of intent, part of a poorly-considered plan to get her son to attend Ole Miss.

It's official! Floyd Raven is an Aggie! #gigemless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


Yes, he has a photo and bio on the Aggies' site and everything. So that would seem to end a recruitment saga that has included (as our Ole Miss blog Red Cup Rebellion dutifully recounts) Raven committing to a team that had not offered him a scholarship, then flipping and flopping back and forth between A&M and Ole Miss. That drawn-out affair might also be why the Raven tweet from A&M came a few hours after the account called Signing Day "a wrap."

Which proves one of the unwritten rules of National Signing Day: It will never be boring as long as Houston Nutt is gainfully employed as a head coach.

For more on the Floyd Raven saga, keep an eye on Red Cup Rebellion and our Texas A&M blog, I Am The 12th Man.