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VIDEO: Eric LeGrand Speaks At Rutgers' Believe Fund Event

Eric Legrand just keeps on surprising us: The Rutgers defensive tackle, paralyzed since injuring his spine during last October's game against Army, was the main attraction at a comedy event on campus this past Saturday, a show put on in support of the Believe Fund, established to help LeGrand and his family in his recovery. Motoring onstage in an electric wheelchair to a thunderous standing ovation, LeGrand spoke briefly to the crowd before turning the mic over to RU alum Bill Bellamy:

"I just want to thank everybody for coming out here tonight. I'm just gonna keep on chopping and doing my rehab."

One Rutgers grad in attendance, attorney/blogger @metschick, spoke with us about the event and seeing LeGrand for the first time since he was carted off that field on a backboard:

When Eric came out, you could feel the energy at the RAC (Rutgers Athletic Center) just swell.  The applause began the moment he was spotted and went on till the host came up.  Bill Bellamy, the headliner, closed the show out and ended his set with an instruction for all of us to yell, "We love you, Eric!"
The night was an emotional high from the moment Eric spoke till the very end when we shouted out our words of encouragement to him.

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