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Florida's Neiron Ball Released From Hospital, Recovering At Home In Georgia

Some more good news on the "players with scary nebulous injuries" front: Sophomore Florida Gators linebacker Neiron Ball, hospitalized last week for a burst blood vessel in his brain, has been released from intensive care and is recovering at home with his family in Georgia. The Orlando Sentinel has a few more details on the circumstances surrounding Ball's episode:

Ball was suffering headaches Monday night and was taken to Shands Hospital by UF trainers who feared he might have an aneurysm. Doctors stopped the bleeding after Ball's blood vessel burst and he remained in intensive care until Thursday.

A UF spokesman said earlier this week that Ball has a congenital vascular condition but did not release any further details.

Great catch by the Florida trainers there; it's all too rare to hear a story like this that doesn't end in tragedy for the player. Our best wishes to Ball and his family for a speedy recovery.