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Lane Kiffin, Tennessee Football Figure In Bruce Pearl NCAA Investigation, According To Report

The NCAA is investigating Tennessee Volunteers men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl, and has reportedly decided to throw the football and baseball programs in as well. The school is expected to reveal a notice of allegations from the NCAA on Wednesday, which includes an element on former football coach Lane Kiffin.

The short-termed head coach racked up an impressive number of secondary violations during his time in Knoxville, but was never found to have done anything quite as expressive as hoops coach Bruce Pearl’s secret barbecue for forbidden recruits.

The biggest recruiting controversy that emerged from Kiffin’s reign was his allegedly excessive use of hostesses, or female students who were tasked with providing potential signees with a positive notion of Tennessee football.

There haven’t been any reports yet of Kiffin receiving a punishment as severe as Pearl’s potential unethical conduct charge, but findings of an impure football program in addition to Pearl’s shenanigans could lead to the entire athletic department being cited as lacking institutional control.

The baseball team is also under fire by the NCAA, in case you’re keeping a list.

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