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Wonderful Terrific Monds II Signs With Buffalo, Ending Tremendous Fantastic Recruitment

You remember Wonderful Terrific Monds, the Atlanta Braves minor leaguer who made Jon Bois' Baseball Player Name Hall of Fame? Of course you do. Did you know his full name was actually Wonderful Terrific Monds III? And did you know that Wonderful Terrific Monds II today signed a letter of intent to play college football for the Buffalo Bulls?

So how can the II arrive after the III? 

When you first read the name "Wonderful Terrific Monds II," you thought, "OK, that's the son of Wonderful Terrific Monds, the baseball player." But he's actually the world's time-travelin'est college football player, here to guide us into the future of Buffalo football.

Monds III was actually named after Nebraska Cornhuskers DB Wonder Monds, who was ... yes, I'm stalling, because I'm also trying to figure out what exactly is happening here. So confused, I'd kind of believe anything right now. Kind of surprised Cecil Newton didn't try this trick. 

Andy Staples recently looked into the matter, concluding only that Monds came from "a line of athletes" with the same name.