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PHOTO: The Alabama Fax Cam That Ruined The Purity Of Signing Day In The SEC

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SEC football recruiting was robbed of its innocence yesterday. The Alabama Crimson Tide, known for upholding the highest of standards in all matters relating to the acquisition and retainment of student-athletes, stooped to a level unthinkable while airing web cam footage of the fax machine delivering their letters of intent.

Actually it was members of Alabama's Crimson Cabaret who did the stooping, continuing to do so throughout the day to pick up faxes and add names to the side of the machine. All much to the hah-ruh [horror] of an unnamed rival SEC school that's decided to complain to the conference about the matter:


via our own EDSBS

Obviously this is the most objectionable thing to happen in the otherwise unblemished history of SEC signing days.

Commissioner Mike Slive reportedly felt it was inappropriate, and the puzzle of why this is a problem but cheerleading in public is OK isn't even worth getting into -- the student pictured did have a basketball game to perform at, like, half a day later, but it takes a long time to change clothes around here.

Do we really think Cyrus Kouandjio was sitting at home watching this webcam when he started having second thoughts about his Auburn commitment?