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VIDEO: UConn's Johnny McEntee Trick-Shots His Way Into Our Hearts

Internet, meet Johnny McEntee, a sophomore quarterback for the UConn Huskies who, as far as we can tell, has yet to attempt a pass in a Division I football game. Here is a video summation of what he can do:

It is impossible not to find something to love about this video. McEntee's obvious self-satisfaction is completely charming, and the elaborate casualness with which his teammates make cameos is a total hoot. For our money, the best shots are the William Tell (the kid he's throwing at doesn't even flinch, which tells you a lot about how often he misses), the aerial attack on the Domino's delivery guy, the ball-out-the-air field goal, and the seated basketball shots. Oh, and McEntee's victory dance. Don't miss that.

Bonus trivia: According to sources in our UConn community, McEntee used to date Lady Huskies basketballer Caroline Doty, no stranger herself to trick shots. What're they putting in the water up in Storrs?

HT: Our own UConn Blog.