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Virginia Football Players Put Dukes Up, Get Suspended For Fight

Mike London is a former vice cop, and as such might be expected to come down harder on his Virginia Cavaliers for disciplinary infractions. The suspension of three players, two of them starters, for the ever-popular and nebulous "conduct detrimental to the team" could be anything, really.

Or it could mean three misdemeanor charges and one felony charge each for all three players. Bangarang!

Jim Daves, a team spokesman, confirmed in a telephone interview Wednesday morning that the "conduct detrimental to the team" was related to a recent fight at JMU.

Redshirt sophomore linebacker Ausar Walcott, sophomore cornerback Devin Wallace and sophomore center Mike Price each face three misdemeanor charges of assault and battery by mob and one felony charge of burglary-entering a dwelling with the intent to commit an assault. The charges stem from an incident that occured Jan. 30. The three players were arrested Tuesday.

Our own EDSBS points out the bright side for UVA while tallying the Cavs' Fulmer Cup points noting that at least somebody in the ACC has the football players to beat JMU.

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