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Randy Edsall Has Some Words For That Whippersnapper Ralph Friedgen

Think Maryland fans weren't too pleased with their new regime's hiring of Randy Edsall? Turns out, the big fella isn't too thrilled with them, either, when it comes to academics, and he's got some remarkably pointed words for his predecessor, Ralph Friedgen:

"One of the things that we have to get corrected this spring is I didn't inherit a very good situation here in terms of the academics, in terms of where the players were and some of the issues that we have to deal with in terms of people having to do things this semester to make sure they're eligible," Edsall said. [...] "I was a little bit shocked about what I saw here from an academic standpoint."

Coach Edsall specifically mentioned the running back position in the course of his remarks. Maryland is already coming off a season ranked 82nd nationally in ground offense as it is. Enjoy whatever beach you're currently strolling, Fridge!

[HT: Our own Testudo Times, who really, really hopes the player in question isn't D.J. Adams.]