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Time For Another, Creepier Georgia Football Recruiting Violation!

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Georgia's sterling 2011 recruiting class is taking a slight pelting from the NCAA this spring. On the heels of the five-fer smackdown over Ray Drew's signing announcement comes another salvo, this one leveled at the crown jewel of Mark Richt's blue chip-happy haul, five-star running back Isaiah Crowell.

When we first heard there'd been a recruiting violation involving Crowell's courting we assumed it had something to do with puppy trafficking, but no: Richt and his merry band of assistants arranged some creepshow this-is-the-dead-man's-brains display for their top target's benefit:

The current student-athletes walked into the practice facility and were dressed in their game-day uniform tops only and looked up toward Coach Richt's office. ... By the time [Crowell] made his way to the field, the team was in an offensive alignment without a running back. [Crowell] was subsequently handed a jersey and stood in the vacant running back position created by the team.

One of us. One of us. Anyway. Mark Richt can't call prospects in April, fiddle-dee-dee.