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Notre Dame Fined $77,500 In Declan Sullivan Death

The investigation into the death of Notre Dame student videographer Declan Sullivan by Indiana's Occupational Health and Safety Administration has wrapped, and the agency has announced it will fine the university $77,500 for various workplace safety violations. Sullivan, 20, died last October when high winds knocked over the hydraulic lift he was standing on to film a Fighting Irish football practice.

The university was hit with six violations in all, including "knowingly exposing its employees to unsafe conditions," (Sullivan was filming during a National Weather Service high wind advisory), and the statement from OSHA, as you might expect, is a grave one:

Notre Dame did not establish and maintain conditions of work that were reasonably safe for its employees that were free from recognized hazards that caused or were likely to cause death or serious injury.

Notre Dame has banned the use of scissor lifts for videographers' use, and will use remote-controlled cameras to film practices in the future.