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NCAA To Hammer Major Program, According To No One

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The NCAA is going to seriously hammer a program today, says one source and only one source. That program may be Oregon, say anonymous people on the internet triangulating off the host's past guesses and history. The school and no one else has heard of it, and it is probably complete balderdash. This should be enough for you to ignore this, but for clarification's sake keep reading.

Colin Cowherd hinted yesterday on his radio show that the NCAA was going to severely sanction "a top program," but then threw the worm out there like that without mentioning the hook. The hook in this metaphor: that program was not Auburn, and you weren't going to get a name.

Nevertheless, with Oregon's name floating around the internet as that unnamed program, John Canzano of The Oregonian followed up with the Ducks official-like


Said source: "We haven't heard a peep from the NCAA. If there was something going on, we'd typically hear about it way beforehand."

This usually is the case, as historically most programs have received advance notice of NCAA penalties through backchannels well ahead of time.

The only other source saying anything remotely similar to Cowherd is College Football Talk, who adds the wrinkle that the program is not Oregon or Auburn, and that they're not going to say anything as "it's not been remotely confirmed." So to recap: no one save three people (including an editor at ESPN mentioned by Cowherd) have heard something, and you can't know what that something is until it actually happens, at which point these people will all be half-right in hindsight. Glad we could clear that up for you in advance.