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Pitt Lineman Celebrates Arrest Crown With Arrest

In a CNNSI article I reviewed unkindly this morning, the one piece of really solid data unearthed in a six month investigation is that Pitt had the most current players with arrests of any D-1 program. In order to celebrate this dubious achievement, former Pitt lineman Fernando Diaz did what comes naturally: he saw a police car, attempted to command it with his mind, became extremely agitated when officers pointed quite correctly out he was drunk in public, and then decided that no, he would not like to be handcuffed, officers.

Policemen have ways of dealing with this. It's spelled T-a-s-e-r, and it doesn't really require a lot of reloading. While you can't win against a Taser, you certainly can compete, as Diaz did.

He then began swinging his arms, one with the handcuffs attached, with closed fists at officers, police said. They contained him only after shooting him four times with a Taser.

As an addendum to this update, I'd like to congratulate Diaz for soaking up voltage like he was wearing a Faraday suit.

You'd think with that kind of durability and tenacity Pitt coaches would recognize the zesty competitive spirit clearly boiling away inside of Diaz. Sadly there's this matter of Pitt having a new coach in Todd Graham, who wants to make an example of someone who fights with the police even if he does withstand 6,000 total volts of current before surrendering. Diaz, who hoped to compete this spring for playing time in camp, remains off the team for now for not listening to a former teammate who said he should just take the citation because "Wannstedt was not there any more."