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AUDIO: Cam Newton's Father, Cecil, Allegedly Leaving Voicemail For John Bond

A file making its way around college football message boards is being presented as audio of a voicemail left by Cecil Newton -- Cam Newton's father --  for John Bond. This is allegedly the infamous moment when the elder reportedly offered up Cam's quarterback services for money. You have every reason to doubt this file's viability, since for all we know it's just a mischievous Alabama fan reading a script pieced together from reports that were already public.

With all caveats (really, we can't say "allegedly" enough), here's the grainy, 31-second audio of an adult male saying things in a Southeastern accent that resemble things supposedly said by Cecil Newton at one point:

And here's our best stab at a transcript of what could be nothing but a hoax:

Hey John, this is C. Want to talk today about, uh ... not gonna be free. We got two offers now, and uh, $200,000 from Auburn. He wants to play here, so, uh, [softly, perhaps speaking to somebody else: "Shutup, we're all good," and something unclear] ... Listen, John, he really wants to go up there, so, uh, [unclear] over $150[,000] ... He needs to go for a fair price. I ain't just wanna give him to you as a free meal, you know? When you get this, uh, give me a call back.     


Speculation has started to bubble forth that Cam Newton was indeed present during the phone call that we may or may not be hearing. The only part on this tape that gives an impression that somebody else could be in the room is the part in the middle when the speaker's volume and tone change, as if the voice alleged to be Cecil's is addressing someone who isn't on the phone.

Again, take it for what it's worth, which is that this story is ongoing, a large part of the country cares very much about it, and it's fun to play internet detective.