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Oregon Football Recruiting Investigation: NCAA Heads To Eugene In Search Of Dirty Ducks

Prepare for an offseason weekend full of "The Ducks' goose is cooked HURR HURR" headlines, as the NCAA makes fast tracks for Eugene to examine Oregon's recruiting practices, in the wake of Thursday's reports of high-figure third-party payments by the school. Via Sports by Brooks, what Yahoo! and ESPN hath wrought:

NCAA investigators will be in Eugene on Friday to initiate a more direct inspection of the recruiting tactics of school’s football program. I’m told the NCAA’s imminent presence in Eugene was in response to revelations in the Yahoo and ESPN reports published Thursday.

Over at our Oregon blog, Addicted To Quack, level heads are prevailing:

Unfortunately, this is not a clear area of NCAA law. Payments cannot be paid to anyone that recruits for Oregon, and many will automatically assume that Myles and Flenory steered players toward Oregon. I don't see much evidence that this is the case, but this is an issue that many feel uneasy about, and it will be tough to establish either guilt or innocence in an issue such as this.

Is the NCAA putting on a show so they can close a pesky loophole and deny schools involvement with shady-but-legal recruiting services? Probably. (Do they read SB Nation for ideas? Maybe!) Stay tuned to Addicted To Quack and this StoryStream for more news on the situation as it develops.