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UVA's 'Blue And Orange' Video Is As Real As It Is Upsetting

Sick to death of "Black And Yellow" after the Steelers' Super Bowl bid? Prepare for further indignities: A self-styled rapper known only as "Bobby Capri" and some enterprising UVA students have put together a very special Virginia version, called (what else?) "Blue And Orange." This video's apparently been floating around since December, but with Virginia quite out of bowl contention at the time, it's been resurrected just in time for the ACC basketball tournament and spring football practice. Look upon what the Wiz hath wrought, and despair:

Really captures the feel of those wide, regularly-paved, well-lit streets of Charlottesville, no?

SB Nation editor and Virginia resident Ryan Hudson suggests the following additional lyrics: "Your swag is boring, makes me wanna yawn/You don't belong here, get off our Lawn/Friday nights, you can find me with my friends/Cruising to a LAX game in my dad's Benz." We're sure you can take it from there.