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VIDEO: Purdue Field Goal Kicker Bombs Away From 67 Yards

Spring games don't usually feature much fanfare for college football teams. They are the rehearsal you conduct in the mirror prior to a job interview, playing only against yourself. How'd I look, me? Pretty good, myself! They prove little, but they are all a fan gets between now and September, so while you take them for what they're worth, you definitely still take them.

There are moments, however, like kickers getting to show off without the distraction of a game situation or onrushing linemen attempting to block your kick. Do not watch this footage in the presence of Jim Tressel, as he will pass out from sheer pleasure.

That is Carson Wiggs, Purdue's kicker, burying a 67-yard FG attempt in the Black and Gold spring game, which in a game situation would have tied the existing record for longest kick in NCAA football history. Additional good news for Purdue fans: Purdue won! Yay you, Purdue! (HT: Doc Saturday.)