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The Meineke Car Care Bowl Of Texas: Wait, What?


The college football bowl game most easily pronounced via teleprompter is going the way of the dodo -- or, should we say, evolving, haha! The Texas Bowl, a game as simply and directly titled as a dinner of canned beans cooked over open flame (stay with us; we promise to abandon this metaphor), has absconded with the title of Meineke Car Care Bowl, a bold move for a postseason game that's not even five years old. 

Bewildered? Us too. Our Boston College blog, being no strangers to the erstwhile Charlotte Car Care Bowl themselves, cleared it up for us:


Well, that does explain matters, but we admit we were with the good Doctor in hoping for something a bit more defiant: Car Care Bowl fight!


And you know what else? We did, in fact, know this was happening as far back as December. We are really going to have to work on our Meineke Car Care Bowl remembering-things skillset, but what does it say for brand awareness that we already wrote about this less than six months ago and thought it was a made-up story when the news went national?


This is going to be a problem. The word "Texas" is not bigger than everything else in the logo, and if you think this is not going to cause trouble, you probably don't understand why it looks like a belt buckle, either.