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Fiesta Bowl To Politicians: We'd Like Our Sweetheart Deal Money Back, Please

So you're a politician who accepted extravagant gifts and free travel from the Fiesta Bowl! Good on you. I mean that so sincerely. That sounds like one of the only fun parts of being a politician. Now, the Fiesta Bowl would like all their money back, please:

Lawmakers who took cross-country trips and accepted free game tickets at the Fiesta Bowl's expense will receive invoices in the coming weeks asking them to fully reimburse the bowl for those costs.

Attorneys for the Fiesta Bowl confirmed Wednesday that they are conducting an investigation to determine the bowl's total outlay on lawmaker gifts and travel so that it can seek reimbursement for those expenses.

I'm not sure I get the "why" here. Are there takebacks in corruption of this level? If the politicians in question repay the bowl coffers, is Bill Hancock going to act like none of this ever happened? Is it even legal for the Fiesta Bowl to attempt this? Think there's any legislator involved on the brink of retirement who'll tell them no just to be a curmudgeon? Being a curmudgeon with impunity sounds like the other fun part of being a politician.

Also, once the Fiesta Bowl gets all the money back, how much of it will be spent right back again to pay the lawyers they used to investigate and see how much money they spent? It's a beautiful cycle of nature, innit?